Privacy and Security

At Frank Pedregon Motorsports, Inc., we take your privacy very seriously, and that means we protect any information you provide us with all our available resources. When we collect information about a transaction, we ask only for the minimum required information, so that your order can be accurately completed online. This would be the same information we would have to request if we took your order over the phone, i.e. name, billing address, shipping address, phone number, and information about your preferred payment method. We need your email address so that you can be notified about the status of your order as it progresses through our system, and to let you know about any delays, should they occur.

How your information is used

Should you choose to opt-in, we might also send you promotional emails announcing new products, special discounts, or other events, for instance, free shipping on certain orders. We work with specific advertising agencies and marketing companies which run ads for us on the Internet, and which facilitate outreach to customers through mail and email. At various times, we or one of our partners may use cookies to make it easier to collect needed information about customers, as well as to deliver more specific messages to you. By learning how you use our website, it helps us to provide you with information that is more useful to you, and which will be more relevant to your personal tastes. Some of the information we use in this manner includes your IP address, your Internet service provider, your browser type, domain name, your referring website, the web pages you use, the entry points and exit points used and the date and time of your website page usage. All this information is aggregated and used by our marketing team, so as to better serve our customers. Information we gather on your email and your ZIP Code are important pieces of information for us to retain and use in the future to better serve you, but we do not retain financial information such as your credit card number.

Security on the Frank Pedregon Motorsports website

Our website has all the latest security measures installed, so as to ensure that any information which you provide us with is not lost, altered, or misused. Any information we obtain for the completion of your customer order, such as email address or your name, is always transferred using secure socket layer (SSL) technology. This means it is completely encrypted at all times during transfer and is thus unusable by hackers who might intercept it. Frank Pedregon Motorsports does not sell email addresses of our customers to any third parties, so you can rely on your personal information going no further than our website. If we should decide to issue a company newsletter in the future, we will automatically send this to your email address should you choose to opt-in, so that you can be informed about all the latest products and discounts on hats, jackets, and T-shirts. You will also be given the opportunity with each newsletter email to unsubscribe from the mailing list if that is your choice. Rest assured, your privacy and security are extremely important to us, and we are well aware of the security breaches which many online businesses have been subjected to. Every security precaution possible has been taken by our technology team to ensure that your personal information is carefully guarded and kept secure so that your only focus should be on enjoying the wonderful products you purchase on our website.